Autumn has truly been beautiful, now it's getting colder each day, and soon I'll once again move back to a small town on the countryside, where I'm studying. Right now I'm in the capital, spending my days as an intern at a design agency. It's been an enriching experience, though there is much I need to learn and practise before I could work with it.

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Hi, sorry for my long absence here at LJ, I’ve been checking out your journals and communities but haven’t had the time to post anything.

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A quick post to share some things :D

I recently got an account at tumblr.com - http://sassa91.tumblr.com/
feel free to check it out ;)

After solving today's riddle and finding the magial quill - I am now one of the 1 million people who will be allowed to enter JK Rowling's "Pottermore" site! :D http://www.pottermore.com/
I entered the site on a whim, and the registration was open! Appearantly I was quick enough to be granted access :), now I just have to wait for the "welcome email"...

This weekend I'm going to a anime/manga convention, where I will be a part of Artist alley and sell prints, bookmarks etc featuring my own art. It'll be fun! And a nice break from working.

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First of all, I want to say that my heart goes out to our neighbouring country Norway. What has happened there is truly terrible, I never expected that something like this could happen there. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14266815
Oslo is not far from where I live myself, and last summer I worked there, just like many other swedish youths do. So many people lost their lives because of one man, it's truly awful and tragic.

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Time's goes by fast...This week I've been preparing for my summerjob in many ways, I have been watching and learning from the person I will substitute this summer (I will work instead of her when she's on vacation), been to courses where they've talked to us about important things we should think about, written contracts, etc...Oh, I haven't said what I'll be working with yet - I'll be visiting elders and people who need help in different ways in their homes. Give medicine and so on. Hope it'll go well, I haven't worked with anything similar before, but it does feel like a very meaningsfull job =), since I get to help people. But it's a big responsibility as well.

But first ---- (If anyone can teach me how to make a proper LJ cut I would be very happy =) )
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LONDON this weekend!!!! :D
It's the first time I'll be visting the United Kingdom, I'm a little nervous (hope all goes well .w.) but mostly very exited! (yay! <3) We'll have so much fun ^__^
Our schedule's tight, there are many things we want to see and do, hopefully we'll have time for everything.
Cheers! <3



Summer's here

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Summer is here :D (title reference, erhm...xD)  The weather has been really sunny and warm for a long time but the last days couple of days have been rainy and we have had some thunderstorms as well…Though that has given me time to draw, and take it easy for a while. Though hope it’ll get warmer soon again :)


This weekend I visited a Swedish manga/anime convention :) we had a lot of fun, I saw the japanese artists Versailles and Olivia Lufkin conserts, saw lots of cosplayers and cosplayed myself as well. I Listened to Swedish manga artists talk about their work, and hanged out with my friends. The pic shows the building where the con took place. They also had a big tent outside on the square.

I recently read on ANN that CLAMP has announced that they are going to end their manga Kobato in July (!) that's so soon! :O I have read the manga for a long time, and even though it has had its ups and downs, I've enjoyed reading it and it would make me sad if they intend to end it as hastily as I think they did with Tsubasa and xxxHolic… There has only been one chapter each month, and those haven’t had many pages…So if it ends in July they will only have 2 chapters to end it in… I hope they will make them longer than the usual chapters at least. *sigh* just have to wait and see…

Next week I’ll start my preparations and training for my summer job. Wish me luck ^^Collapse )


Hello ^^

Hi, I've always only used my livejournal to visit and comment others journals, which is really fun of course, but I always thought that someday I should write something myself as well...
Who am I you might wonder? I'm a 20 year old girl from a country up north - Sweden :) I love alot of manga/anime, I like alot of movies, fantasy, drama, musical, historical... I like to read as well, though I'm a bit more picky than with movies. I love to draw and paint, maybe I'll upload some pictures here sometime ^__^
I have three cats,  we got the first one of the three (the mother)when I was 6 years old, so I love cats as well :)
I hope to get to know more people here at livejournal, since I think it's a really great site with alot of interesting communities and journals.
That's all for now, hope I'll see you around! :)
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I'm a new member here on livejournal, I joined today acctually. Reason? Well, I thought this looked like a fun site to join, but also because I often visit a couple of livejournals and this way I can comment and and see when they put up new stuff easier and it also makes it more fun since I can use Icons and things like that.
Hope I'll see you around, bye for now! ^^